Arctic 16F Family


 NEW ! Arctic 16F will be available early 2017.

The Arctic 16F variable focus liquid lens is the latest and smallest member of the Arctic family, and the smallest liquid lens currently available. It is specifically designed for ultra-compact cameras, such as barcode engines, industrial and medical endoscopes, etc…

Arctic 16F is based on Varioptic’s breakthrough liquid lens technology, allowing variable focus with absolutely no moving parts.

Arctic 16F comes with two different AR coating options.




Typical performance at 25°C

 Clear aperture  1.6 mm
 Low optical power  -5 diopters (m-1)
 High optical Power  +15 diopters (m-1)
 Optical quality (Wave Front Error)  25 nm (rms)
 Transmission @ 587nm (Arctic 16F0)  97%
 Transmission @ 850nm (Arctic 16F1)  97%
 Power consumption (actuator only)  1 mW


Mechanical dimensions

 Outer diameter  6.2 mm
 Thickness (rear window to front of lens)  1.7 mm
 Total thickness  1.8 mm


Environmental specification

 Storage Temperature  from -40 to 85°C
 Operating Temperature  from -30 to 85°C


Key features

  • Supports Continuous Autofocus for video up to 30 fps
  • Silent
  • Fast response time
  • Focus range supports 5 cm to infinity
  • Easy to integrate


Ordering information

  • A-16F0: Arctic 16F with an Anti-Reflective coating optimized in the visible range
  • A-16F1: Arctic 16F with an Anti-Reflective coating optimized in the Near Infrared
  • A-16F9: Arctic 16F with no Anti-Reflective coating


Getting started with Arctic 16F

For more detailed information on optical, mechanical, electrical performance and design, please contact us.