Baltic 617 Product Datasheet

Baltic 617 is based on Varioptic’s breakthrough liquid lens technology, allowing variable focus and variable tilt with absolutely no moving parts. It has been designed primarily for imaging applications using 1/4’’ and 1/3’’ sensors. It is perfectly tailored to compensate natural handshake, and therefore enables to drastically improve the image quality of still pictures in low light conditions; it also stabilizes the image in video mode. It features 20 diopters dynamic range, guaranteeing 5 cm focus ability.

Although designed primarily for imaging applications, its variable tilt also allows using this lens for beam deviation combined with focus variation, opening new innovative applications. Its low power consumption, high shock resistance and fast focus ability make it ideally suited applications in portable devices, where it will deliver outstanding performance.

Baltic 617 is compatible with driver IC reference designs based on Maxim MAX14574.


Under reengineering

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