Caspian u-25H0-075 

Caspian 7.5

This Caspian u-25H0-075 is based on an inverted and modified Caspian S-25H0-075. Combined with the use of specific extension rings, either for C-Mount or M12, an unexpensive AutoFocus microscope can be built. The module is built-in with an FPC cable, and can be connected to a standard 1 mm pitch FPC connector. This module can be driven by the same drivers as the Arctic 25H0 lens.

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Key features

  • Flex Cable compatible with FCI connector SFW4S-2ST_E9LF
  • Compact
  • No moving parts, no vibrations

Ordering information :

  • Caspian u-25H0-075 : with bent flex cable (FPC-A-3) and no IR-Cut filter

Typical performance at 25°C

Mechanical Back Focal 15 mm (X2) to 37 mm (X5)
Working Distance  5.4 mm (X5) to 7.8 mm (X2)
Working Distance range  ±0.85 mm (X5) to 0.65 mm (X2)

Getting started with Caspian u-25H0-075

For more detailed information on optical, mechanical, electrical performance and design, please contact us.