HDR-60 Board

The Lattice HDR-60 board is a reference design dedicated to imaging applications. It includes:

o A Lattice FPGA (ECP3-75),
o Full color pipeline (IONOS™ from Helion) for compatible Vesta boards, including:
         o Color balance
         o Auto Exposure, Auto Gain
         o Sobel filtering & Sharpness score analysis,
         o Auto Focus
o HDMI output
o Windows/Linux compatible GUI software (ICG from Helion) with control of the main parameters of the sensor, color pipeline and Auto Focus. The GUI controls the HDR-60 board through a USB connector.

The customer can also get the full layout of the board, as well as a development & production
License of Helion’s color pipeline from Lattice (the evaluation license is free of charge).

HDR-60 + Vesta

Lattice HDR-60 board, with Vesta Sony board & Caspian module


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