Caspian S-25H0-096

Caspian S-25H0-096NEW ! Caspian S-25H0-096 replaces Caspian M12-316-9.6

This Caspian module integrates a fixed lens module and an Arctic 25H0 variable focus liquid lens in an M12 receptacle (S-mount). The module is built-in with an FPC cable, and can be connected to a standard 1 mm pitch FPC connector. It can therefore be very easily integrated in a standard M12 sensor board. The module is compatible with most imaging sensor formats, from 1/4’’ to 1/1.8’’ diagonal. This module can be driven by the same drivers as the Arctic 25H0 lens.

MADS - 170202 - Caspian-S-25H0-096.pdf (543.4 KB)

Key features

  • M12x0.5 thread
  • Flex Cable compatible with FCI connector SFW4S-2ST_E9LF
  • Built-in AutoFocus actuator from 7 cm to infinity
  • Optional built-in IR filter (part number: Caspian M12-316-9.6-IR)

Ordering Information

  • C-S-25H0-096-03: bent flex cable (FPC-A-3), without IR cut filter.
  • C-S-25H0-096-03I: bent flex cable (FPC-A-3) with IR cut filter.
  • C-S-25H0-096-07: straight flex cable (FPC-A-7), without IR cut filter.
  • C-S-25H0-096-07I: straight flex cable (FPC-A-7) with IR cut filter.

Typical performance at 25°C

Effective Focal Length   9.6 mm
F-number  3.7
Focus Range  7 cm to infinity
Image Circle Diameter  9.1 mm

Getting started with Caspian S-25H0-096

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