Caspian C-39N0-16




The Caspian C-39N0-16 is an electronically focus controllable C-Mount objective, based on the Arctic 39N0 Liquid Lens. It incorporates all necessary electronic components to drive the Liquid Lens, and just needs a DC power supply; focus can be controlled through either an RS232, I²C, Analog or SPI input. With a 16 mm EFL, and compatible with 2/3" sensors, it is specifically designed for machine vision applications.

Download Product Datasheet (222.4 KB)

Ordering information

Caspian C-39N0-16-XX
where XX determines objective configuration :

  • I2C: I²C or analog operation
  • RS232-3: RS232 with 3.3 V signal or analog operation
  • RS232-12: RS232 with 12 V signal or analog operation
  • SPI: SPI or analog operation

Key features

  • Variable focus from 10 cm to infinity
  • Silent
  • Supports I2C - Analog - RS232 - SPI interfaces
  • Supports closed loop operation
  • Open loop operation

Typical performance at 25°C

Effective Focal Length   16 mm
F-number  2.8
Sensor Compatibility  2/3"
Image Circle Diameter  11 mm
DC power supply  5-13 VDC
Current consumption  30 mA
Connector  6 pin JST SHR-06V-S-B


Getting started with Caspian C-39N0-16

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