Varioptic has developed a Partner Program with leading industry players to deliver integrated solutions to OEM and ODM customers. Through a thorough certification process, this program aims at ensuring compatibility and ease of integration of partners products with Varioptic’s variable focus lens, thus delivering fine-tuned, turn key solutions, and reducing risks, development costs and time to market.

Creative Sensors Inc., Taiwan

Creative Sensor Inc. is Varioptic’s manufacturing partner and produces the Liquid Lenses for the company since 2007, principally at its state-of-the-art plant in Nanchang, China.

Maxim, USA

Maxim and Varioptic to supply next generation low voltage Auto focus liquid lens solutions. TheMAX14515 liquid lens driver has been designed for miniature Auto focus Applications. Its limited number of external components, combined with a small footprint, allows to reduce the PCB surface. The combination of this driver with Arctic 314 V2 lens (low z height 42 volt lens), is ideal for applications where limited space is available.

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Supertex Inc.

Supertex (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Varioptic have developed a complete low footprint liquid lens and driver solution to add auto-focus capability in cell phones and PDA cameras, barcode readers and laptop cameras, biometric scanners and ultra compact cameras.

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Rogers Corporation - Durel Division, USA

Varioptic and Rogers Corporation provide OEMs and module makers in the handheld and other market segments with a new liquid lens optical system, consisting of Varioptic’s revolutionary auto-focus Liquid Lens and Rogers’ integrated LL3 driver.