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Varioptic is founded in Lyon, France, by Bruno Berge. Pr. Berge had the idea of a liquid lens while working as a researcher and Professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon) and University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) on the electrowetting phenomenon, and filed the basic patents for this technology.


A manufacturing line is set up in China, and first volume shipments are delivered to our customers.


The first barcode readers integrating a liquid lens are launched on the market : Opticon (Japan) and Cognex (USA).

Carestream launches the first intraoral camera including Varioptic technology.


To accompany its growth in the industrial, medical and consumer markets, Varioptic is acquired by Parrot.

An exclusive worldwide license agreement for mobile phones and tablets is granted to Optilux, USA.


Varioptic releases its first Caspian M12 module, allowing faster time to market.

A new, larger clear aperture lens is introduced on the market : the Arctic 39N0.


Varioptic releases its first Caspian C-Mount lens on the market, specifically targeting the machine vision market.

Optilux is acquired by Invenios LLC.


Datalogic launches the PowerScan, a handheld 2D barcode reader including the Liquid Lens.

Pixelink launches the first C-Mount camera compatible with the Varioptic Caspian C lens – it includes embedded closed loop AutoFocus.


Varioptic’s first Caspian module dedicated to microscopy is announced : the Caspian u.


Varioptic releases the Arctic 25H0, an extended operating temperature version of the popular Arctic 316.

Matrox Imaging announces the compatibility of the Iris GTR camera with the Caspian C lens.

Microscan releases the MicroHawk, a new range of compact variable focus cameras including the Varioptic Liquid Lens.

Robotiq launches a variable focus camera for Universal Robots with Varioptic technology.

AFL announces the FOCIS Flex, the first AutoFocus fiber optic inspection device with a Liquid Lens.


Invenios acquires Varioptic Business Unit from Parrot.