Key features for Medical applications

Close Focus

Medical imaging, such as intraoral cameras or skin measurement devices, requires the ability to focus at very short distances. Some mechanical systems are limited in terms of close focus ability, which would also depend on the orientation of the device (camera looking up or down would not give the same close focus ability).

Liquid Lens enables close focus to less than 5 cm, as mechanical solutions are usually limited to 10cm.

Liquid Lens: enables close focus and macro mode!

Low Power consumption

A nice way to connect an imaging device to a screen is to use an USB cable to display the image on a computer – in that case, the USB would provide the current to the device. However, USB are limited to 500mA max current, which makes the power budget tight in the case of the usage of an Auto Focus mechanical actuator. In addition to the sensor, image processor, lighting features, adding an extra 50 to 100mA minimum for a mechanical actuator could be difficult. On the other hand, the liquid lens (including the driver IC) requires only a few mA.

In the case of a battery operated device, the power consumption is even more critical.

Liquid Lens: enables higher battery lifetime!

Example of medical Auto Focus device including Liquid Lens