Key features for Consumer applications

No Noise

When it comes to designing a compact consumer device for video application (such as an Auto Focus video conferencing system for example), the usual problem is that you can hear the noise of the autofocus system in the microphone. This is due either to noisy actuators, or to some EMI interference inside the system.

Liquid Lens don’t make noise, enabling silent Auto Focus or Continuous Autofocus in video mode. To assess this, we have measured the performance of a Liquid Lens based camera and a motorized based camera in an anechoic chamber: Liquid Lens: enables silent video applications!

   Liquid Lens  Mechanical motor
 Background noise 24 dB
 Camera with AF  25.5 dB  47.2 dB

Liquid Lens: enables silent video applications!


Continuous AutoFocus

When using Autofocus in video mode, the user expects that the autofocus will be smooth. This means that the focus should adjust itself without seeing the image going from in focus to completely out of focus before going back to focus. This is tricky to do with mechanical solutions due to the fact that most of them have significant hysteresis, with the consequence of having to do a complete sweepback of the actuator, even if going from one position to another close position.

Liquid Lens: enables smooth, continuous Auto Focus video applications!

Example of integration of a Liquid Lens in a consumer product (digital camcorder)