Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Iso 9001 - AFAQAs a brand of Invenios, Varioptic’s strategy is primarily a growth strategy targeted on selling Liquid Lenses, which are based on the patented electrowetting technology, to as many customers as possible.

Therefore, the Quality Policy of Varioptic is focused on one goal: customer satisfaction.

The achievement of this objective is first guaranteed by our commitment to create products with highly innovative technologies and bring them to the market. These products are developed and designed appropriately not only with validated and patented technology blocks but also with adequate methodology, experienced resources as well as qualification processes adapted to the target markets of our customers.

Second, being flexible and competitive, our production and logistics chain also features auto-adjustability to constraints from customers. 

Besides, Product Managers and Sales & Marketing personnels are also in full harmony with the prospects in order to anticipate trends and market needs.

Finally, the support departments are also indispensable. They provide internal competence, implement communication tools and adequate work, as well as contribute to improving the quality culture within the company and the strong and structured relations with our partners.

This Quality objective, which is crucial to support the Varioptic strategy and customer requirements, will be assured by our Quality Management System (certified by ISO 9001:2015) and measured through various indicators to achieve maximum success.

We, Top Management of Varioptic, pledge to make every effort to give help, support and advice, maintain regular communication and provide all the resources necessary for the success of this project.


Environmental Policy

All our employees are motivated to consciously prevent pollution, reduce waste, recycle and minimize the company's impact on the environment. We therefore contribute to the global effort in saving worldwide resources.